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Rango has deep expertise in the movement of material. Developed over many combined years of experience, Rango operates like its machines – productive, efficient, and powerful. Any kind of equipment and any kind of material, Rango knows how to move it safely. With an excellent group of executives and operators, Rango is the team to call. No wonder its customers keep awarding Rango new sites and new projects. Serving the spectrum of mining companies as well as construction companies and municipalities, Rango has the territory covered.

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Pieces of Equipment

Everything You Need for Success

At Rango, we offer all the equipment and expertise you could need to complete a wide array of projects, including mining, excavation, construction, reclamation, managed services and heavy transport.


Safe and Efficient Production

Equal in importance to Rango’s expertise is its business ethic. To customers Rango simply says:

“We take the worry off your plate. You hire Rango and we do the rest. If you need material moved, we do that better than anyone. If you need more – like engineering, mine planning, subcontractor management, and overall mine management -we have you covered. With Rango you are safe.”

From owners to executives to engineers, superintendents, foremen, and operators, Rango’s understanding and management of material movement is superb. The benefit that Rango has versus a self-performing mine is that it can quickly and efficiently put up a pile of material, then perform that same process at another location. Rango can spread the capital cost across more mines and gain efficiencies. Rango produces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


200+ Years of Executive Leadership

Rango, Inc. was started in 2012 by Rodney George and Tim Rosengren.

Rodney George has been in the construction and mining industries for 30+ years. As co-owner and day-to-day leader, he grew Rango by creating an industry niche of custom contract mining services. In other words, Rango moves earth of any kind for companies that prefer to avoid capital investment, save management focus for core competencies, and hand over material movement to a trusted partner so that they can rest assured knowing they are getting safe, efficient production at a fair price. He started at step one by mining material and moving it to the production facility. 

Over time, he proved to the mine owners that he could provide that service better and more efficiently than the mine itself and that the mine would not need the capital expense and employee challenges. For a “per ton of material moved” fee, Rango took on the work. That concept appealed to more mining companies over time. A sub-industry was hatched and the growth of Rango accelerated.

Tim is an entrepreneur and has a track record of building and selling companies. His success enabled him to be the financier behind Rango. In addition to finances, Tim provides strategic oversight. Tim started a scrap metal business and eventually sold it after many years. He then founded, grew, and sold a business that built and managed medical testing facilities.

From its start in 2012, the company’s growth quickly shot through the roof in the following years, sustaining $100M+ in 2019. The employee count has jumped to more than 300 today and the number of pieces of heavy equipment has followed that same trend.

Rango was one of the first to begin custom contract mining in the frac sand industry in Texas. It provides the mine material transport at 70%+ of the mines in the Permian Basin in West Texas. Rango continues to operate at large scale in Arizona as well and has or has had projects in Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming. Many Rango customers have nationwide presence with many sites and Rango continues to be entrusted with additional projects around the country. Rango is mindful of the trust and teamwork that exists between it and its customers and focuses on retaining and growing those levels of trust and communication.

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Giving Back

As passionate as we are about offering the safest, most efficient, worry free mining services available, we care even more about giving back. Rango has a strong connection to helping those with Autism. One of our owners has a son with Autism so this cause hits close to home for us. As a company we want to contribute to the ongoing health of the Autism community. From this passion we have created Neshama, an assisted living community for adults with Autism. We have also established opportunities at our sister company Rango Honey (www.rangohoney.com) to provide job training and work experience to help build independence for the individual living with Autism.

Rango is mindful of the moral responsibility to be supportive of and to give back to the communities in which they operate. The company has a track record of assisting civic projects and events as well as supporting – and even creating – projects that serve the disabled.