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Our Equipment

A Fleet for Every Need

At Rango, our mining and construction business takes immense pride in maintaining a fleet of equipment that can cater to any need or project within the industry. We understand the unique challenges that arise in mining and construction, which is why we have curated an extensive range of machinery, vehicles, and tools to meet those demands head-on. From heavy-duty excavators to bulldozers capable of handling large-scale earthmoving tasks our fleet is fully equipped to tackle projects of any size and complexity.


Whether it's excavation, site preparation, material handling, or construction, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the success and efficiency of our clients' endeavors. With Rango by your side, you can trust that your project will be completed with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Our Equipment


Models: EX1200, Volvo 950, CAT 390, JD 870


Rango’s fleet of Excavators includes over 30 Excavators ranging from 50,000 lbs. to more than 260,000 lbs. Rango owns the largest fleet of Hitachi EX1200’s in the world.

We also have mid-size excavators including Volvo 950, CAT 390 and John Deere 870 and smaller units like CAT 374 and 349, John Deere 670 and 470.

A variety of available sizes allows us to match the right sized excavator to your job.

Our Equipment

Haul Trucks

Models: Komatsu 785, Volve R100E, Komatsu HD605, Volvo A60, CAT 745


Rango’s fleet of Haul Trucks includes over 120 Trucks ranging from 45-ton articulated frame trucks to 100-ton rigid frame units. Rango owns the largest fleet of Volvo A60’s in the world.

Rango's strategy for maintaining high operational efficiency involves a constant rotation of new trucks within their fleet. 

Rango's dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest transportation technology sets us apart as a dependable partner for any job.

Everything You Need for Success

At Rango, we offer all the equipment and expertise you could need to complete a wide array of projects, including mining, excavation, construction, reclamation, managed services and heavy transport.

Our Equipment


Models: CAT D10, CAT D9 with GPS, CAT D8, CAT D6, Komatsu D155, JD850K


Rango's fleet of 30+ Dozers encompasses a wide range, from the CAT D6-class to the powerful CAT D10. Wer Caterpillar Dozers, we prioritize consistency and uniformity across the entire size spectrum, ensuring streamlined parts availability, maintenance, and service.

We also recognize the importance of flexibility, which is why we offer models from Komatsu and John Deere for specific applications. At Rango, we have the right Dozers to meet your project's needs, ensuring safety and efficiency are always at the forefront of our operations.

Our Equipment


Models: CAT 657, CAT 637


Rango's fleet also includes top-of-the-line Scrapers, featuring CAT 637 and CAT 657 dual engine scrapers with push-pull capability for unparalleled efficiency. We understand that every project has its unique challenges and cost considerations, which is why we offer various equipment options to ensure we can meet your needs.

Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality is what sets Rango apart. We are dedicated to supplying the best machinery to help you accomplish your goals.

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Our Equipment

Wheel Loaders

Models: CAT 992, JD 944K, CAT 982, CAT 980, CAT 966


Rango takes immense pride in its diverse fleet of Wheel Loaders, spanning from the CAT 966 to the CAT 992 models. These Wheel Loaders are highly regarded for their versatility, making them indispensable pieces of equipment in various operations.

The strategic mix of loader sizes at our disposal empowers us to select the perfectly sized loader that precisely matches the requirements of your project, ensuring optimal efficiency throughout the entire process. You can rest assured that we have the ideal equipment to handle your job with unmatched precision and productivity.

Our Equipment

Support Equipment

Models: JD 872G Motor Grader, JD 9560R with Box Grader, Water Trucks 4k-gal to 8k-gal, Maintenance 2k-gal fuel truck, Maintenance Full-service trucks with crane, 500-600 hp Farm Tractors


Rango has a full suite of support equipment that keeps your job running smoothly. Most support equipment is used to maintain roads, loading areas, and plant areas.

We also have a fleet of maintenance support equipment used to keep production equipment running smoothly, allowing us to work quickly and safely while getting your job completed.


The team at Rango has demonstrated their expertise in handling mining and construction projects with the utmost safety and precision. With Rango's team on your project, your project is in good hands.

Our Equipment

Construction Equipment

Models: Dozer with GPS, CAT 430F backhoe, Bobcat S450 Skid Steers, CAT CCS7 Compactor


At Rango, we take pride in our extensive selection of construction equipment, allowing us to excel on your job sites. From intricate technical digging to precise grading and seamless installation, our team's expertise combined with the right equipment ensures safety, efficiency, and timely completion. Count on us for top-notch results, backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence!

Our Equipment

Heavy Transport

Models: Kenworth T800, Peterbilt 367


Rango is proud to operate one of the finest transport equipment fleets in the market, ensuring we have the perfect trailer for any load. Our trailers come in various configurations, ranging from 7 to 13 axles, accommodating a wide range of transportation needs. With our efficient transport capabilities, we guarantee timely delivery of our equipment to your job site, enabling Rango to complete your project to the highest satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to provide personalized solutions and expert guidance, making your transportation experience seamless and stress-free. Choose Rango for unmatched service!